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Upper warp beam systems

Person of contact:

Thomas Huber

Tel. +49 2557 928 53 25

IQ-SPS offers you several options of upper warp beam systems - tailored especially to your needs.


We would like to introduce available options

  • warp beam diameter 800, 940 and 1016 mm
  • nominal weaving width up to 655 cm
  • electronically or mechanically driven
  • also possible for heavy fabrics

Contact us for your individual upgrade.

This upper warp beam will be applicable for

  • polypropylene fabrics
  • geotextiles
  • buildtech
  • carpets
  • agrotextiles


  • splitting of warp threads to two warp beams, so the running time doubles
  • higher efficiency, increased quality of the fabric
  • frequency of warp changes is reduced, less down time


  • easy handling via differential or let-off motor
  • warp beam diameter available from 800 - 1100 mm
  • modernization possible on all weaving machines.


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48493 Wettringen / Germany

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