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Thomas Huber / Paul Horstmann

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Safety Light Barrier

  • active personal protection
  • reacts before the moving element can be touched
  • simple handling
  • rugged construction
  • constructed according to the current CE-machine building regulations
  • upgradable for the machine types P7100 to P7250 (additional types on request)

Frequency Converter

  • convenient handling of machine speed adjustments
  • increases machine efficiency
  • increases fabric quality
  • reduces stop marks
  • upgradable for the following machine types: PU, P7100, P7200, P7150, P7250, P7300, P7300HP

PosiLeno (Groz-Beckert)

  • upgrade kit to weave with PosiLeno System from Groz-Beckert to weave up and down leno
  • available for all sizes and types of projectile machines
  • easy handling
  • installation on-site in your factory
  • machine can work with maximum speed (rpm) also for Leno fabrics
  • lower spare parts consumption
  • higher fabric quality
  • exclusively available at IQ-SPS

Cover Concept

  • easy handling
  • optimized design
  • low weight
  • improvement of personal protection
  • low costs

Control Cabinet

  • more spacious, more user-friendly
  • all controller modules in one place
  • installed at weft insertion side
  • shorter peripheral cables and thus reduction of possible interfering signals
  • shorter walking distances for operation of control cabinet

Reinforced Deflecting Levers

  • upgrades P7100 and P7150 to the reinforced lever of the P7300HP
  • includes radial needle sleeve
  • extremely stable
  • suitable for high speeds
  • developed to absorb radial forces
  • particularly easy to install


  • especially designed for heavy and heaviest fabrics 
  • can be retrofitted to virtually every weaving machine.
  • enormous robustness, compact design
  • driven first roller.
  • extra short fabric support table: reduction of shifting of the weft yarn
  • support rollers prevent the bending of the driven rollers
  • significant reduction of the so-called recoil of the fell at the beat-up
  • special additional frames: existing frames are not subjected to additional loads.
Special take up for heavy fabrics.pdf
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Electronic Let Off Device

  • motor with 200N maximum torque
  • high torque gear
  • 50.000 N axial force
  • completely new design
  • easy adjustment

With this warp reduction system you can achieve warp pull forces which by far exceed the standard.

Warp Tension Gauge

  • optimal warp tension control
  • reproducible adjustment of warp tension
  • from 2.000 N up to 5.000 N
  • easy handling


Further Conversions

  • Conversion of single-colour machines to two or even four colours
  • Warp beam extensions (e.g. from 940mm to 1016mm - practicable up to 1100mm)
  • Conversion from D1 to D12  or D2 on projectile weaving looms (bigger projectile gripper D1 2,2 x 4  D12 3,8 x 5 and D2 4 x 5 or 4 x 6)
  • Mounting of whip rollers and deflecting rollers or warp tensioner devices
  • Equipment with accessories such as cleaning devices, spool frames or accumulator frames


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