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Thomas Huber / Paul Horstmann

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Warp let-off device SPS KGA

Your benefits:

  • easy handling
  • protection of the staff (prevention of accidents)
  • faster processing thus short repayment of the investment
  • can be used on all types of projectile looms on the weft and catch side

Price: on request

EXW Wettringen, Germany

Selvedge winder SPS Bull 1000

  • strip width up to 100 mm
  • capacity on roll for diameter outside up to 400 mm
  • roll diameter inside 60-68 mm
  • roll length 400 mm
  • winding force 10 - 35N
  • winding speed 0 - 10m/min or 27rpm (several options)
  • power supply 400/230 VAC 50Hz
  • easy handling for tension adjustment
  • very stable construction and high stability

Price: on request

EXW Wettringen, Germany


Selvedge draw off.pdf
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Selvedge draw-off


  • complete as on picture (with bag) (single roller)
  • with double rollers (as on picture
  • without bag and bagholder
  • with speed control
  • without stand
  • plus packing and shipping

Price: on request

EXW Wettringen

Spool truck

Price: on request

EXW Wettringen, Germany


Keplerweg 15

48493 Wettringen / Germany

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